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Patient Testimonials

Share Your Experience!

Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!

John B. Caron

  • spine injection

“Dr. Emy Lu has been my pain management doctor since I had an unsucessful spine operation with another doctor, successfully relieving me from severe pain over the past several years. She has been my fountain of youth.”

Mary B

  • Wrist Surgery

“In the fall of 2013 I was out on what should have been an uneventful run. The weather was great and I was about half way through when I tripped on a long branch that I thought I had cleared. Unfortunately, I came down with my full weight on my left wrist, breaking it. I went to the hospital where they x-rayed it and while they wanted to provide me with a fiberglass split I requested a soft brace as I was traveling Internationally on business the next day. At that time, I had been advised to see an orthopedist upon my return a week later but unfortunately between travel and some other commitments, I didn't get there for about three weeks. Luckily when I went to OAS, I saw Dr. Schmidt who immediately determined that I would need surgery quickly, given the time I had waited and the extent of the injury. He repaired the wrist and within about four weeks, I had almost 90% mobility back with the rest returning shortly thereafter. I can't say enough about how pleased I was with Dr. Schmidt--thank you! ”

Karin Jondral

  • PRP Injection
Karin Jondral's photo

“I just had my first PRP injection done 2 weeks ago by Dr. Dr.'Amico. My left ankle has been hurting since November, 2012 and after so many doctor's visits (with different doctors) and physical therapy Dr. D'Amico and I decided that the PRP was the next thing to try. Dr. D'Amico explained the procedure well, was opened to all my questions and did not rush me into making a decision. I was a little bit concerned since this is a relatively new procedure and definitely expensive, but since nothing had worked so far I decided to go ahead, especially because the "medication" being used was my own blood. First, they draw your blood, spin it for 15 minutes to separate your plasma and inject it in the area where you are having pain. The procedure was quick and the staff very friendly and efficient but the injection didn't come without pain. I felt as if my ankle was "full" and stiff afterwards. My ankle was a little bit swollen and a little more blueish than the right ankle the next day. I was limping for about 2 days and had to ice it 3 times a day for 3 days, nothing major though. After 3 days my ankle was pretty much normal again and without pain. I had to stop my physical activities for a week after the injection. Now I continue to do physical therapy and my ankle is not 100% yet but definitely better than it has been in one year.Dr. D'Amico explained to me that the injection continues to work for a few weeks so I will continue to improve. I would definitely do the injection again if I had to. Thank you Dr. D'Amico! I will update my testimonial later to let you all know how I am doing.”

John DeSimone

  • Pain management post horrific ski accident.
John DeSimone's photo

“I had terrible residual pain from a horrific ski accident in which I fractured my pelvis and 4 ribs. Dr. Haas, my orthopedist, recommended I see Dr. Emmy Lu to: a) get me off the heavy narcotic pain-killers I was still on 4 weeks after the accident; and b) prescribe a pain-management regimen that would relieve my pain without running the risk of developing an addiction to narcotics. Dr. Lu was fabulous in terms of her thoroughness, persistence and effectiveness in getting me to a PAIN-FREE state for which I am eternally grateful. Most impressive? She called my home at 9:30PM on a Friday night to see how I was feeling. Boy! I grew up in a time where doctors made house calls. This was as close as I've gotten to that good old days feeling of doctor-patient relationship. Does she care? Uh, totally. I strongly and unequivocally recommend her to anyone in need of pain management.”

William DeBona

  • ACDF and Meniscus Tear
William DeBona's photo

“About a year ago I fell and herniated a disc in my neck. After the fall I called my insurance company and found OASMD near where I work in Stamford, CT. I had my first appointment with Dr. Haas an Orthopaedic doctor. During my followup of my MRI I was introduced by Dr. Haas to Dr. Gitelman (who became my spine specialist). After some tests and review of my MRI to see which nerves were damaged we decided to go for surgery. I never felt so confident that this was the right thing to do but also felt extremely comfortable with Dr. Gitelman it was a no brainer.

Recently I had pain in my right knee, so I decided to go back to OASMD and went to Dr. Haas after speaking with Dr. Gitelman. Dr Haas did such a great job on my knee.

If your looking for a surgeon I suggest you check out Orthopaedic Associates of Stamford. There are 7-8 doctors to choose from and the setup in the office is so "tight" things will get done immediately. I wouldn't go anywhere else. I love OASMD and you will too!”

Annie Q.

  • Physical Therapy

“I was nervous about needing physical therapy after my knee surgery, but meeting Pat and Roberto (two professionals of the OAS PT Staff), really put me at ease. They kindly welcomed me and patiently guided me through the various therapeutic activities. With care and purpose they spurred along my rehabilitation and I was soon back to my old self. I truly believe that it is because of them that I am without knee pain and walking normally again.

The treatment and service that I received at OAS was top notch! I highly recommend OAS to anyone who is in need of Physical Therapy.”

Nancy Kitay

  • Shoulder Surgery

“I have been a patient of Dr Marc Silver for the past few years. He did a total shoulder replacement of my left shoulder first. He did such an excellent job that I let him do my right shoulder about 4 months ago. My recovery from both were easy because of his caring personality and special way of explaining all procedures and recovery time. His office has wonderful staff from when a patient walks in the door and is greeted by Sherry, until the check out after an appointment. If I call with a question, my call is returned by Dr Silver within a few hours or less. I am always taken at my appointment time or earlier. I never have to wait. The staff smiles as they pass by, and are sensitive and caring to make patients as comfortable as possible. I would recommend this office to anyone needing orthopedic care.”

S. Dean Busetti

  • epidural block

“On July 1, 2014 Dr. Illig administered an epidural block into my cervical spine. The procedure took place in his office which is equipped to do this as opposed to having it done in a hospital which can make it into a big production. Dr. Illig's manner was professional and caring. He explained what he was doing each step of the way which was reassuring. I experienced no pain and had a good result. I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Illig for pain management care.”

Jaime V

  • Shoulder pain

“I went in to Dr. D'amico's practice for a shoulder injury. The staff welcomed me with open arms. They were all so friendly. I was having pain in my shoulder and needed their assitance. Dr. D'amico took an X-ray and saw that I had three strange spots in my neck. He advised me to get it checked out by my primary doctor. It turns out that those spots were cancerous. Dr. D'amico's thorough investigation into my injury saved my life. I am very grateful for what he has done for both me and my family. ”


  • Knee replacement and pain management

“I moved from San Francisco three years ago and needed a Dr. for pain management. I have had spinal fusion, fractured hip implant, and an osteotomy on my knee as well as continued spinal pain. I was directed to Dr. Emmy Lu and she has taken very good care of me with additional injections and overall help with my mental health. She has really saved my life! So when it was time to address my knee again, I was introduced to Dr. Joseph D'Amico. He replaced my knee in Oct. of 2013 and I am very happy with my results. He has named my knee, "The San Francisco Knee", apparently my scar tissue was pretty spectacular! I had no surprises with the surgery, everything was explained, and understood and I healed in record time.

I recommend OAS completely, all of the professionals I have worked with are the very best, they really care for their patients personally as well as professionally. I give them my unconditional endorsement!”

Patty Caruso

  • Repair of broken left wrist
Patty Caruso's photo

“On February 14, 2014, I fell on black ice and broke my left wrist. Dr. Schmidt was the orthopaedic doctor on call when I got to the Emergency Room. He directed what needed to be done. He called me at home the next day, fully explained what had been done, what needed yet to be done and scheduled an appointment for me in his office on February 19th.

Dr. Schmidt immediately put me at ease at my first office visit. He explained the surgical options available indicating what he preferred (insertion of a wrist plate) and indicating that surgery was necessary by the end of the week. Surgery was promptly scheduled for February 21st.

Thanks to Dr. Schmidt, I was back at work three days after surgery not having missed anytime out of the office, had my cast removed one week after surgery (February 28th) at which time I was fitted with a wrist brace. Within four weeks after breaking my wrist, I was back to crocheting and doing needlepoint (favorite hobbies of mine). I couldn't believe how lucky I was. I really thought that it would be months before I would be able to pursue my hobbies.

Thanks to Dr. Schmidt, I am well on to the road to a full recovery. My sincere thanks to Dr. Schmidt for being there when I really needed him.”

Chris Tella, Jr.

  • broken femur
Chris Tella, Jr.'s photo

“Our 11-year old son broke his femur skiing last March at a ski team competition and he was successfully operated on in Springfield, Mass. After a painful week in the hospital Chris was in for a lengthy recovery back in Connecticut. Upon our return we immediately went to Dr. Peter Hughes to guide us through the coming months. Chris' late grandfather, Dr. Ralph Tella, had always told us if we had an orthopedic problem to go straight to Dr. Hughes, and this was excellent advice. Dr. Hughes' expertise and kindly manner reassured our frightened son and helped him through challenging days as he negotiated from wheelchair to walker to crutches. Happily, Chris was able to go back to competitive sailing this summer without difficulty, and Dr. Hughes removed the rods in his leg in August. Chris made a full recovery and is back to being an active 11-year old boy. Our entire family is enormously grateful for the superb care Chris received. ”

Pat Parlette

  • Total Hip Replacement
Pat Parlette's photo

“Thank you for replacing my hip so I could do this.

God Bless,

Pat Parlette


  • Evaluation & Prescription

“I just wanted to share my experience with the professional staff at Orthopaedic Associates of Stamford, CT. They're gggggreat! I have never felt so comfortable and secure. I had a question about the medications Dr Siriki, MD had prescribed; because I had forgot what she said during my first evaluation. So, I brought the medication back to the office, but Dr Siriki was not working that day; but that didn't stop her Physician Assistant from checking Dr Siriki's notes and reassuring me on how to take the medication. I'm sorry I forgot the PA's name, but she was very helpful and professional. She also followed-up with Dr Siriki, who later called me at home and apologized for any confusion and for calling my home late at night. I thanked Dr Siriki for her professionalism and patient care. I just had to let others know that the staff at OAS is caring and professional. ....Thank you, OAS”

Linda K. Spano

  • Meniscus Tear

“After having severe knee pain, I knew I needed to see an orthopedic surgeon. My 14-year-old niece, Alexa, had been a previous patient of Dr. Haas, and she had a wonderful outcome. She told me it was a no-brainer that I needed to schedule an appointment with him. This office was run in such a wonderful manner, and every other medical office should follow in their footsteps. Everyone was very accommodating including Dr. Haas, those that worked at the front desk, and the rest of the staff. Those in the office were kind, knowledgable, and compassionate. There was never any sort of miscommunication, and my job as a patient was made easy. I highly recommend this office to anyone looking for an orthopedic surgeon, especially Dr. Haas as he was an amazing surgeon.

Many thanks for all that was done for me,

Linda K. Spano