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Patient Testimonials

Share Your Experience!

Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!

Brian K

  • fractured clavicle

“I was nearing the end of a 25 mile bicycle ride when I fell and broke my clavicle. By the luck of the drawer Dr. Haas happened to be on call when I arrived at the emergency room. A decision was made to go to the operating room to correct the broken collarbone. The thing that impressed me most was the care and sensitivity Dr. Haas displayed thoughout the handling of my case. The key for me was that, for him, I'm sure, my case was routine, but he never forgot that to the patient things are always traumatic with days filled with fears. He always took the time to carefully explain all options while giving me perspective on what was happening. During the post-op period, all of my experiences with both the OAS medical and administrative staff were top drawer. Everyone was always courteous, efficient and sensitive. Post op involved several months of physical therapy at ASM where Chris Nanos continued the same pattern of care. I'm back on my bike now with 100% recovery.”

Lois T.

  • SI joint Pain

“I have been going to Dr. Emmy Lu for pain in my SI joint and found her to be a wonderful Doctor & compassionate person.The entire staff is friendly and makes everyone feel special. Thank you Dr. Emmy Lu & your entire staff.

Lois T.”

Lyn Fox

  • ACDF

“I was referred to Dr. Alex Gitelman in May 2013 by Dr. Marc Silver who had helped me resolve years of knee pain in 2010. I respected Dr. Silver immensely so i was hopeful that Dr. Gitelman would produce the same type of results. When i saw Dr. Gitelman for the first time I was living with extraordinary pain that range from a 7-10 and persisted 24/7. Somedays the pain made doing everyday tasks almost impossible and even effected my ability to sleep. The pain began in my neck and went down into my right shoulder blade and traveled down to my right arm and into my hand. I was also experiencing numbness, tingling and strength loss in my right arm and hand. I was fearful of what I had done and if my pain and related issues would be permanent. Needless to say I very scared and in a lot of pain.

On my first appointment with Dr. Gitelman he ran through a battery of tests that would help him to gage what was going on and he stated that he believed I had a herniated disc in my neck, likely between C6 and C7. He was amazingly patient and easy to talk with. He answered my questions and showed me a lot of compassion. He also stated that he would be available at anytime to answer any questions or assist me in any way. He worked diligently to get an MRI approved through my insurance provider and stated he would go so far as to request a peer review if necessary. A previous MRI request had been denied due to the usual politics that many experience when dealing with insurance companies. Once my MRI was approved and he had the results I went back to see what he found. Dr. Gitelman had been right on the money with his diagnosis and the MRI confirmed what he already had shared with me. He then went through my options and what he felt was the best course of action to resolve my pain. Again, he was patient and understanding. He answered my questions and eased my concerns. Again, he also shared that should I need anything to call. On the one occasion I called to ask a question he returned my call within the same hour and gave me the time I needed.

My surgery was scheduled for July 9th and I was overwhelmed to say the least when i got to the hospital. Dr. Gitelman assured me that everything would be fine and he did his best to instill in me the confidence that he already appeared to have. My surgery was uneventful and before i knew it I was in recovery. When I awoke Dr. Gitelman was there to check on me. I was amazed and relieved to find that I did not have any pain. Dr. Gitelman had resolved my issues and taken away my pain. I was grateful!

Throughout this entire experience I have found Dr. Gitelman to be an amazing care provider. He is beyond competent in what he does as well as patient and kind. His bedside manner is fantastic and he goes the extra mile for his patients. I was so pleased with my experience that I recommended him to two other people who I believed he could help. I will continue to sing his praises and would refer him again and again. He has helped me get my life back on track and as I said to him during my one month follow up ... there are no words to describe my gratitude! ”

Patty Caruso

  • Repair of broken left wrist

“On February 14, 2014, I fell on black ice and broke my left wrist. Dr. Schmidt was the orthopaedic doctor on call when I got to the Emergency Room. He directed what needed to be done. He called me at home the next day, fully explained what had been done, what needed yet to be done and scheduled an appointment for me in his office on February 19th.

Dr. Schmidt immediately put me at ease at my first office visit. He explained the surgical options available indicating what he preferred (insertion of a wrist plate) and indicating that surgery was necessary by the end of the week. Surgery was promptly scheduled for February 21st.

Thanks to Dr. Schmidt, I was back at work three days after surgery not having missed anytime out of the office, had my cast removed one week after surgery (February 28th) at which time I was fitted with a wrist brace. Within four weeks after breaking my wrist, I was back to crocheting and doing needlepoint (favorite hobbies of mine). I couldn't believe how lucky I was. I really thought that it would be months before I would be able to pursue my hobbies.

Thanks to Dr. Schmidt, I am well on to the road to a full recovery. My sincere thanks to Dr. Schmidt for being there when I really needed him.”

Rick K

  • OAS Express - NO Appointment walkin injured foot.

“Thank you for OAS Express! 800 miles from home; hobbled on a left foot that simply felt broken! OAS got me in with no appointment; Dr. Gitelman and team did exams and x-rays and we decided on a ultrasound visualized cortisone injection. I am healing up at home - could not possibly have made the drive without your immediate help. Saved the day, and the week!”

Bernard Shapiro

  • SI Joint injection
Bernard Shapiro's photo

“I am 81 years old and due to a previous stroke, I have permanently been in a wheel chair for the last ten years. Once I came to your office, you were able to pin point my discomfort the first appointment I had with you, and you immediately found a resolution to my pain; a cortisone injection to my lower back. You didn't waste anytime or make me come back to do it another day, you did it in less than an hour after diagnosing my pain. I am deeply grateful to you for relieving my sacroiliac pain. You've given me relief that I have not had in over ten years. You have really worked an incredible miracle on me. I usually take 20 steps a day and after your treatment, I tripled it by taking 60 steps. I am now no longer uncomfortable in my wheel chair daily and can sit for longer periods of time without having to resort to getting into bed. Thank you so much for your very effective treatment.

--Bernard Shapiro

Wilton, CT”

Bob W.

  • Pain mgt

“Dear Dr. Lu,

When I first came to your office, I was at the stage of controlling the intense pain in my right hand by using powerful pain reduction medications. I had used them for so long that I had almost forgotten how my normally alert and active body and mind behaved before I started taking them.

The most important thing I learned from you is that I had choices. That there were other ways of managing the pain. There were different, less risky medications. There was also acupuncture. And there was the TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) system.

As you became aware of my symptoms and overall medical condition, and because you listened to my concerns, I became confident that there was a path to a better way and a better place.

After listening and trying alternatives, we arrived at a solution.

And the proof is that almost a year later, I am feeling better and doing better.

Thank you Dr. Lu!

Bob W.

Stamford, CT”

Bennett Salvatore

  • Dislocated and fractured ankle
Bennett Salvatore's photo

“Dr. D'Amico and the OAS staff have been treating my family for over two decades. Twenty two years ago Dr. D'Amico saved my career as an NBA referee when he put me back together after a near fatal car accident. My right ankle was dislocated and fractured in four places. I broke my left knee and right wrist. It seemed as though my career was over. Due to Doctor D'Amico's surgical brilliance I am still running up and down the basketball court today.

As recently as one year ago my 94 year young mother had her hip replaced by OAS and is as active today as ever before.

My wife Laura, three sons and daughter have seen the OAS staff for everything from broken arms and hands to fractured ribs and shoulder injuries.

The Doctors from OAS have earned the trust and respect of the Salvatore family through proven performance. We highly recommend them for whatever your orthopedic needs may be...they are simply the best !!

Bennett Salvatore and family


George S.

  • Dr. Emmy Lu

“I would to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Lu for her care and compassion. In 2010 I was referred to her, I had severe pain in my lower back/hip area. This by the way was after I went to a another pain management doctor who told me I had a lumbar problem. After two visits with Dr. Lu and one X-ray she told me to find a good surgeon and schedule a hip replacement.

To sum it up Dr. Lu and her staff

Liz [MA] Zach [MA] Tina, Mary, and June. they ARE the best.


Daisy B

  • hip replacement
Daisy B's photo

“I was having hip pain for a long time. I had friends tell me stories about how I would never be the same and try to put it off for as long as I could. I was afraid to have the surgery. Now I wish I had done it sooner. I feel great and am looking forward to a new life. Thanks Dr. Schmidt and everyone at Orthopaedic Associates for putting me on the road to recovery”

Kate Loh

  • hip replacement

“My life was changed by Dr. Joe D'Amico.

Following a fall while learning how to play hockey, I had been tolerating pain in my left hip. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and was advised that a hip replacement was in my future.

Joe advised me every step of the way,

and finally after 3 years I decided to

have it done. I was very young to have this procedure...mid 40' I was not ready to give up . Finally the

the pain was so relentless and was impeding my ability to get around and enjoy life.

. Relief was evident immediately. Although it did take a while...the pain disappeared. A thorough physical therapy regimen was designed and was the key to my complete recovery.

Joe's advice, personal concern and expert surgical ability made all the difference. I guess you could say he's

an "old-fashioned" doctor that takes

care of the whole patient. We are lucky to have such a talented team of

professionals available so close to home. Over the years, Joe has been our "go-to" guy for all my family's issues...including; knee surgery, rotator cuff surgery, broken collar bone, multiple tears and strains, and fractures. Did I leave anything out? Thank you again for your

help. Kate Loh-Old Greenwich, CT

chris r

  • pain management

“Dear Dr. Lu

I can't thank you enough, for being the only doctor who came to my husbands aid.

Jan 2011, we were vacationing in Florida. when my husband started bleeding from liver failure. He was rushed to the hospital in which they treated him for the liver failure. But, they would not give him any medication for his back pain.....

I watched him suffer for 2 days, until Dr Lu called the icu and spoke to the head of the unit. Because of that I am forever grateful.

sincerely, marylou r”

Laura Tomczyk

  • l4 l5 s1 injections

“Dear Dr.Lu,

I can not thank you enough for treating me for the past 6 years for lower back pain. You have managed to treat me with injections and exercises with out a lot of medications. Who knew hula hooping would be used in pain management? At first I thought it was crazy, but it really helped to strengthen my core.

After 2 years of being pain free and no injections I became a victim of a car accident that put me back into more pain and once again you were there to get me back to exercising and living a healthy life. I have a great deal of trust in you and your friendly staff.

I highly recommend Dr.Lu to any one who needs pain management and do not want to be relying on a lot of medications.

Thank you Laura Tomczyk

Stephanie R. Paulmeno, MS, RN, NHA

  • Knee replacement surgery, pre-surgical treatments & physical therapy
Stephanie R. Paulmeno, MS, RN, NHA's photo

“Having known Dr. D'Amico both as his patient and professionally for quite a number of years, it was no "knee jerk reaction" as to who I would choose to do my pre-surgical treatments and my ultimate knee replacement surgery. For at least four years he worked to postpone a surgical procedure by using medications, physical therapy, pain relieving injections, joint lubricants, and an arthroscopic procedure, all of which bought me time. He opted to do surgery only after judicious consideration and use of all the possible alternatives; a great tribute to a surgeon! He spends a great deal of time educating his patients and making sure they understand not only what he is saying but also what their options are; a great tribute to a doctor! You never feel rushed.

I have been a nurse for 45 years with decades spent serving locally as a director of nursing &/or nursing home/rehabilitation facility administrator, or as the administrator/clinical director for a local licensed home care agency. I know what makes a good doctor and a good practice, and what constitutes good and effective care. I used that knowledge in selecting the best surgeon and surgical practice I knew to get me back on my feet and functional.

Dr. D'Amico is a treasure both as a person and as a surgeon. His clinical staff and assistants, his front desk office staff, his x-ray technicians, the physical therapy staff, and the surgical schedulers are so professional and delightful to work with. There is always a warm smile of recognition and welcome no matter how long it has been since your last visit; a great personal and welcoming touch! The pre and post-surgical care is unique to your needs, your schedule, and your idiosyncrasies, whatever they might be. How convenient to have all of that in one location. I recommend him highly and have made this recommendation to both friends and family members over the years because I know they will be in good hands. As a professional, I only recommend practitioners to whom I, myself, would go, or whom I would recommend to my own family.

Mary Ann Ancker

  • Right Knee Full Replacement

“Dr. Joe D'Amico and his staff provided me with skill, caring and informative surgery information. I was so comfortable with Dr. D'Amico that the surgery had no surprises and he is as good as his word. I am in out-patient rehab now and doing so much better than even I expected. I feel that Dr. D'Amico's attitude toward me was respectful and any questions that I asked, he always had time to answer. The entire office is professional! Thank you!”