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Patient Testimonials

Share Your Experience!

Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!

Ron Aparicio

  • Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS)
Ron Aparicio's photo

“There is no substitute to the expertise & professionalism of an experienced orthopedic team.

As an experienced marathoner, I chose to be treated by Dr. Haas because of his years of experience, reputation, and most importantly, his own personal involvement with endurance sports. There was no need to explain the depth of my desire to compete, the need to attain my athletic goals, and my commitment to following all his treatment recommendations, so I may be healthy on race day.

Dr.Haas quickly identified my issue, and gave me a treatment plan that allowed me to not only finish the race, but to also set a new personal record and take 1st in my division at the Hyannis Marathon.

Once again, thank you Doctor for the excellent work, and for being part of my team.”

Al T

  • Post operative pain management

“I wanted to leave a big thumbs up to Dr. Andrew Illig. In the summer of 2014, I fell 30 feet and broke my back (L3). In May of 2015, I had a spinal surgery, which included removal of my L3 vertebra and accompanying fusion with a spinal cage. Upon my return from the hospital, I was in excruciating pain and the medication plan provided by the hospital was not working. One meeting with Dr. Illig and a visit to the pharmacy brought immediate relief. Dr. Illig increased a dosage of one (non-habit forming) medication, and actually reduced the dosage of an opiod pain medication, BUT simply altered the times that I took the opiod pain medications. I was able to sleep at night and return to work.

As my pain reduced, Dr. Illig managed a gradual reduction in my opiod pain medication. I am finally free of the opiod pain medication, which was accomplished with little side effects.. Dr. Illig was always responsive to questions and generally informative.

Again, I can't thank Dr. Illig enough and I highly recommend him to anyone who is in a similar situation.”

Joseph Ansah

  • Knee Arthroscopy

“Carla and Chelsea in physical therapy were super professional and really focused on getting me back to being able to function through my day to day activities without pain. I feel wonderful and I am looking forward to seeing them again after my hip replacement.”

Mary Murphy

  • Hip Replacement

“I loved being here for physical therapy. I have already recommended you to friends. It was great having a therapist that made me feel confident. It was very reassuring when Pete was stretching my leg. I never felt that I would slip or fall (I did feel that way at one place I went). Thank You for a wonderful experience!”

Debra Perry

  • Knee Replacement(s)

“I've rehabbed at OAS Physical Therapy after both of my knee replacements. Their willingness to help me get over the humps has brought me positive results! I would not go anywhere else for PT services!”


  • Rotor Cuff Surgery
JohbronArts's photo

“It's kinda 'funny' to say, 'it's a pleasure going to the doctor. But, at OAS, It's especially nice to be greeted by staff member Mrs. Sherry Celis. The first face that greets you with a smile and to hear a voice so endearing. Sherry, makes going to the doctors fun. Sherry is always so bubbly, kind and caring. She always asks, 'How you're doing?' And, she always has a minute to listen and talk with you. Mrs. Sherry Celis, Patients' Rep., is a valuable 'gem' at Orthopaedic Associate of Stamford,P.C., CT.”

Drew Hickey

  • Humerus Surgery

“Dr.Schmidt & OAS Staff:

When I broke my right upper arm (humerus) playing hockey, I experienced the most extreme and unbearable pain ever in the 15 years of my life. After you put the temporary pins in my arm, I never thought that seven weeks later I'd be back on the ice skating and playing hockey so quickly. Whether at the Surgical Center or in your office, you and your staff were absolutely the best. I cannot thank you and the OAS staff enough for all that you did to help with my broken arm and shattered spirit. You and your staff are truly miracle workers. Thanks for fixing my broken wing.

Drew Hickey”

Robert A. Steiner

  • Knee replacement

“I would like to thank all of the staff at Orthopedic Associates of Stamford for a wonderful job they did for me.”

Carmine Boccuzzi

  • Knee and Shoulder Replacements

“I have had two knee replacements in 2007 and 2008 by Dr. Hughes and two reverse shoulder replacements in 2012 and one just two weeks ago with Dr. Silver. Dr. Hughes and Dr. Silver were wonderful. I have had no pain, and am so pleased with the progress I have made since the surgery. All my friends thought I should go to New York to have my surgery but I am so glad that I stayed in town and found Dr. Hughes and Dr. Silver. I couldn't be happier and recommend them to all our friends.

Carmine Boccuzzi”

Nancy Brown-Connolly

  • Knee Arthroscopy
Nancy Brown-Connolly's photo

“Dr. Haas,

I want to say thank you for fixing my left knee. I've been good about rehab and was not going to miss another ski season so here is the proof. Keystone Colorado - six weeks after surgery and I have skied at Santa Fe four additional times. Being careful, no moguls or black diamonds and doing great!

Again thank you to you and the staff at the surgery center and the office!

Warm regards,

Nancy Brown-Connolly”

Joanne Dondero

  • Joanne Dondero, Ironman, returns to racing after multiple bike crashes
Joanne Dondero's photo

“I was fortunate for so many years 25 or so, doing triathlon to not have any major injuries that might have prevented me from doing any up and coming races.

I was on a long training ride getting ready for the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii in October, 2011 when I flipped over the handle bars; bounced on my helmet and landed on my shoulder....soon I discover that I broke my clavicle in 2 places.

I met Andrew Haas in 2009 through the Greenwich Triathlon Club. I was coaching swimming at the time and he came to my sessions. Now Andrew was helping me by fixing my shoulder. He was right on with the surgery, recovery and rehab. He knew who he was dealing with and got me going again with walking and riding indoors soon after surgery. Swimming was last to come. Unfortunately, the injury was too severe to even attempt to do Ironman Kona so I recovered and looked forward to trying to qualify the next year which I did at the US Championship Ironman in NY in August 2011. Unfortunately, while training for that race I had another fall from my bike which caused another fracture in the hip area. Now with only 8 weeks until Ironman Andrew put me on an aggressive treatment schedule. It worked...I finished the Ironman and qualified for Worlds in 2012.

Andrew told me earlier in the year that he was going to Ironman Kona and wanted me to go. It totally inspired me even more and so it happened...we both went to Kona, and we both finished.

The uniqueness of Andrew's treatment for me and so many other athletes is that he understands that we have to get back to training, moving, racing, normalcy.... as soon as possible. I totally trust in Andrew because all his treatments have worked for me and for many other athletes and family that I have sent to him.

Joanne Dondero

White Plains, NY”

Joanie Olson

  • Multiple foot surgeries

“In August of this year, due to arthritis, I had my latest of multiple foot surgeries with Dr. D'Amico. I am pleased to say it was again a successful procedure. No complications and now no pain. I have a knee replacement in my future and I will again entrust my care with Dr. D'Amico. Despite moving to Trumbull 3 years ago, I continue to see him for all my orthopedic issues.

He has also taken care of my parents and children, and I highly recommend Dr. D'Amico and his practice to everyone. His staff is a pleasure to deal with. And, over the years we have also had the pleasure of dealing with most of the other physicians in the practice, also with similar experiences.

I would like to thank Dr. D'Amico and the entire staff of OAS for their wonderful care over the years. ”

Zahra Moghtaderi

  • Knee Replacement
Zahra Moghtaderi's photo

“I am so pleased since Dr. Silver did my total knee replacement I am only sorry that I waited as long as I did. As a nurse on my feet all day, I worried about having the surgery and how I would feel afterward, but I have done so well and I am planning on returning to work next week. Thank you Dr. Silver and Orthopaedic Associates for everything!

Zahra Moghtaderi

Stamford, CT”

Gene Lee

  • Open Arm Fracture
Gene Lee's photo

“In June 2012, I was eight weeks away from racing in New York City's inaugural Ironman distance triathlon race. While I had run marathons and competed in other triathlons before, this was my first Ironman. I had put in hundreds of hours of training in the previous few months and was ready for the 140.6-mile race. Little did I know that I had a number of unforeseen obstacles to overcome before I could even contemplate racing. On June 16th I was involved in a terrible bike accident when I crashed head-on coming down a hill into a landscaping truck. My bike was totaled, and I was thrown over 15 feet. I lay there waiting for help with blood gushing from my arm.

I was rushed in an ambulance to the Trauma Center at Stamford Hospital. My injuries were limited primarily to a severe compound fracture of my right forearm - a Monteggia Fracture. It was an open wound with my right ulna broken and protruding through the skin and my right radius dislocated. One of my first questions was whether or not I would still be able to race in the upcoming Ironman. As I relayed my concerns to Dr. Andrew Haas, he advised my wife and me that the outcome would depend on what he could accomplish in the surgery room. The worst case was that even after a thorough cleaning, the wound would become infected and I would need multiple skin grafts over the months ahead to close the wound sufficiently

Besides surviving the accident, I have another thing to be thankful for on that day. I am very blessed that Dr. Andrew Haas happened to be on call that afternoon in the Emergency Room. After the surgery, Dr. Haas informed me that he had managed to clean out the wound thoroughly and that he had inserted a metal plate into my right forearm to set the bone - he had managed to perform the "best case" surgical procedures on me. As a highly competitive and experienced triathlete himself who had suffered far more severe injuries than I had in his past, Dr. Haas understood where I was coming from when I continued to press about whether or not I could recover sufficiently enough in the remaining eight weeks before my upcoming triathlon race. Dr. Haas and I happened to be part of the same triathlon club, EHS Tri, and he connected with my coach, Steve Kurczewski, after my surgery. Together, they came up with a plan to help me heal fully and still make it to race day. However, Dr. Haas was able to strike just the right balance between prescribing a thoughtfully tailored recovery plan and allowing me to continue training for race day.

Dr. Haas met with me almost every week during the recovery period and made it a personal goal of his to see me recover in time to race. Due to his professional expertise, deep experience, and genuinely caring demeanor, my wife and I had full confidence and trust in Dr. Haas. He worked with my coach to come up with a training plan that kept me in shape while allowing me to heal sufficiently.

Eight weeks after that horrible bike accident, I managed to complete my first Ironman distance triathlon in 11 hours and 5 minutes, a faster-than-expected pace. Thanks to Dr. Haas, I had recovered and was ready to go on race day. While I have deep respect and admiration for Dr. Haas' skill and expertise as an orthopedic surgeon (he somehow managed to put back together my completely mangled right forearm and keep me infection-free), I believe that what sets Dr. Haas apart is his genuine concern and care for his patients and his passion for helping others. Dr. Haas took those extra steps to analyze my situation carefully and thoughtfully and to devise a prudent and rapid recovery plan specifically for me. I am truly grateful that Dr. Haas was on call that day in the emergency room and that he was the surgeon who put my arm back together. My arm is now completely healed, I have full range of motion, and I remain grateful to Dr. Haas for his professional care and personal concern.

Gene Lee

Greenwich, CT”

Monique M

  • Arthritis, herniated disc, carpal tunnel
Monique M's photo

“I am a sufferer of extreme musculoskeletal l ailments. Being in pain constantly makes it hard to trust. I trust Orthopedics Association of Stamford to take care of me. From the reception staff to the doctors, they give you that feeling of "mother - like" care. I know that when I walk into those doors that I am going to receive the best medical care possible. And I have been to A LOT of orthopedic/pain management doctors. I advise anyone who has the need for orthopedic care to go to this practice for their medical needs. They don't just treat the problem they treat the person. And that is incredibly hard to find.

Monique M

Stamford, CT”