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OAS Health Blog

New Minimally Invasive Treatment for Painful Hand Contractures

April 21, 2014

Dupuytrens disease is a progressive disorder of the hand in which palpable nodules of collagen form longitudinal bundles in the palm. Contracture and shortening of these cords will severely limit hand function by preventing normal motion of the fingers.

The previous standard of care for Dupuytrens disease is surgery. The contracted tissue is surgically removed under anesthesia in the operating room and extensive post operative physical therapy is performed.

At Orthopaedic Associates of Stamford We are pleased to announce a new, non surgical office based treatment of Dupuytrens disease. Xiaflex is the first non operative treatment for Dupuytrens disease. I was the first orthopaedic surgeon in the state of Connecticut to undergo specialty training and receive credentialing to perform the xiaflex treatment. Xiaflex is a liquid collagenase which when injected into the Dupuytrens contacted cord will dissolve the tissue and allow its release.

Xiaflex treatment involves a single injection into the contracted cord without the need for anesthesia. This is performed in our office setting. The following day a local anesthesia in the office and a gentle manipulation will release the cord.

This has proven effective in over 90% of our patients and eliminated the need for painful and costly surgical treatment. The patient is encouraged the following day to use the hand normally and wear a small splint at night to maintain the finger in the corrected position.

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