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OAS Health Blog

Techniques to Avoid Knee Ski Injuries

January 9, 2014

Minimize risk by avoiding dangerous activity:

1. Keep your knees flexed when you fall. Don’t fully straighten your legs as you fall.
2. When you fall do not try to get up until you have stopped sliding. When you are down – stay down.
3. Land on both skis and keep your knees flexed.
4. Don’t jump unless you know where and how to land.
5. Keep arms up and forward.
6. Maintain balance and control.
7. Keep hips above knees
8. Keep arms forward

Avoid these dangerous positions and situations:

1. Holding your uphill arm back
2. Being off balance to the rear
3. Hips below the level of your knees
4. Keeping no weight on the uphill ski
5. Keeping too much weight on inside edge of downhill ski
6. Rotating body to have upper body facing downhill ski

Correct these dangerous situations and remain safe by:

1. Know your limitations and ski within your ability
2. Don’t ski tired, take breaks
3. Don’t drink alcohol and ski, alcohol significantly increases reaction time
4. Wear protective gear, especially a helmet
5. Keep arms forward will keep your body over the skis and maintain balance
6. Keep feet together
7. Keep hands over skis

A tired state and fatigue often lead to poor technique and thus injuries are likely to occur at the end of the day. If you are tired near the end of the day, ease up on the harder slopes and tricks, or call it a day and get hot chocolate. That “one more run” may end our season.

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